Review of some adds and changes that will appear in the Eclipse Platform 3.3 Europa

Eclipse Platform

  • Improved workspace switching: switching between workspaces is now quickly and more efficient, since it allows to copy the workbench layout and the working sets, keeping the style of the workspaces consistent.
  • More team annotation options: you can see the version or the author of the changes in the text editor ruler in different colrs . This is great because the changes history is available at first glance.

JDT – Java Development Tools

  • Rename refactoring in editor: this is a great feature. I think that most of the developers were tired of having to open a menu each time they want to refactor. The only drawback is that is does not rename automatically the getters and setters of the field you are renaming. Also it does not open the rename dialog even if you select the menu Refactor->Rename.

Java Compiler

  • Improved null check detection: i think that the features “Potential null reference” and “Redundant null check” are very useful. I have been using the Potential null reference check, and I do not why but it only works with local method variables, it does not check the class variables.