I’ve been trying the earlier betas of Safari for Windows, but none of them have really conviced me at all, mainly because the majority of the websites I usually visit don’t look right.

Nevertheless, I downloaded and installed the new Apple Safari 3.1, and to be honest, it surprised me.

Apple Safari 3.1

Unfortunately, it hangs up the first time I tried it.

Apart from that, then it works ok and there are some characteristics that really deserve some lines:

An interesting feature is Private Browsing. When activivated Safari doesn’t store Google’s search we made, cookies, history, downloads and forms data.
Private brosing

Another feature, maybe not very useful but different, is the possibility to change the size of the text areas. I haven’t seen this in other browsers.
Resizable Textarea

The integrated RSS reader is quite good.
RSS Reader

Searching text in a web page with Safari it’s very easy and clean. The search results are highlighted so you can find them quickly.

There are some other features that I haven’t tried yet, such as SnapBack, bookmarks handling Itunes style and the form autocomplete.

Anyway, I think that which brower is best than the other is a matter of how comfortable do you feel working with it or which is easier to use.
Personally, I use Firefox since its earlier releases, it seems to be fast, realible, it has the best tab browsing, although the memory use problem hasn’t be solved yet.
All in all, Apple Safari 3.1 has some innovations over the other competitors, but i think that it’s too much saying that is the best browser in the world, as Apple said.

Or maybe is beacuse of her?
Safari Girl